One panini or two paninis?

We're not so young that we don't understand what love is.

This theory was first proposed by this 28 years old physicist.

Did Louis believe it?

The art of doing mathematics consists in finding that special case which contains all the germs of generality.

Do only what I did!

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I can't speak French without making a lot of mistakes.


Do you, by any chance, speak French?

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That'll be inconvenient.

We don't want anyone to get hurt.

Herve must've done this before.

Almost all the work is done now.

She was nicely dressed.

This is my daughter.

Let's unfold the map on the table and discuss it.


Have we made progress?

I'm not driving anywhere.

Phil is the one who hit me.

He bit his lip.

Instead of throwing away your old furniture, why don't you give it to charity?

Is there anything you don't do?

He who dies with the most toys wins.

I'm the one who gave Lewis that scarf.

Hi girls.

I want to be paid in cash.

Tatoeba is not even a girl.

The scandal has badly damaged his clean image.

I'm very sorry for what I did.

Can you give me that?

You can't run away from age.

I can't think of any place I'd rather be.

Can you please stop that?

Terry stayed for a while.

Who that understands music could say his playing was good?


My name is omitted from the list.

Don't sit on the counter.

We stayed at a hotel in front of the station.

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I thought Meeks was from Boston.

Clay didn't believe that Angela had anything to do with the theft.

We'll go out.

I always enjoy hearing you sing.

I'm glad to see you could make it.

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This is the first time I have visited England.


Vijay didn't agree with us.

Oh no! I just spent so much money!

The sky is clear. Lots of stars are scattered across it.

Matthias is the best swimmer I know.

You're a real pain in the ass.


What's Glauke's role?

We help the news to be true.

Perry says that Nhan definitely wanted to go with us, so we should wait.

Most Germans can speak English.

We waved flags to welcome members of our baseball team.

You are prohibited from smoking here.

Please eat a little more.

Better to run than to rot.

Let me shuck the oysters.


My mother was happy to see her guest eating her cakes eagerly.

Do they like oranges?

I'm going to study harder.


May I take a snapshot of you?

My health's very bad.

Everybody knows, but I don't care.

The speech made by the president yesterday delighted his supporters.

Sales of prescription opioids in the United States have nearly quadrupled from 1999 to 2014.


Susan enjoys listening to music.

Behold the Man.

Pete kept scribbling.


How can you tell good English from bad English?


It was hot for two weeks.

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I need to know everything that happened.

She took out a loan in order to buy a car.

Please don't tell anyone where I am.

Can't you hear all the car horns beeping behind us?

She yielded in his proposal.


I asked him if he would go there the next day.

Stop jumping on the bed!

Why are you out of breath?

Can I have a double espresso?

Who did she think about?

I think I smell something burning.

I regret that some of our most intelligent colleagues obstinately cling to a purely technocratic view of language as if it were a machine built out of mechanical parts.


There are dark nights in the city of Sochi.

Finland is on the map.

I dream to go and live in Lithuania.

I'm not as big a fool as you think I am.

She found the ring that she had lost during the journey.

I have a mild pain here.

While she was screaming, she brandished the knife.

It's almost time for planting and there's a lot left to be done.

I don't have a problem.

A hundred years have passed since the Titanic sank.

I may win if I have luck.

I'm from France.

What marvelous work he's doing, donating books to needy children!

I just don't want to talk about it.

I will make up for the lost time by working as hard as I can.


Morton made Metin go.

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You totally freaked him out.


I have no idea who did that.

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Would someone please wake me up at 2:30?

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It was a very busy month last month.

This block of apartments is a building that takes both the environment and health into consideration. From now on we want to further expand this system and knowhow.

I don't quite know yet.


Bulgarian is similar to Russian.

Is she young? Yes.

I only hope Lee succeeds.

You will never win.

Will a day come when we see them overthrown?

Are you going to sit with us?

Is this a bad time to visit?


Do whatever you think is best.


In my high-school's dormitory, the first years share a room with another student, but starting from the second year, students have individual rooms.

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He said no, he was busy.

He amused himself by reading a detective story.

You're not too old for him.


What did Kumi make?

Everyone but Gunnar listened carefully.

Speak well of the dead.

I think I did pretty well.

She can't play the piano very well.

Before the arrival of this skyscraper, all the buildings in the city stood in special relationship to each other.

Who spread that rumor?

Pierette didn't bother to listen to Michiel's advice.

You can tell the truth.


We'll probably never know what happened to Vicky.

What did Gabriel order?

He acted with common sense.

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Konstantinos doesn't have a good memory.

It may seem like a crazy idea, but I think we should go visit Alexis and Stanley right now.

Maybe you should give me that weapon.

During his stay in London, he is going to visit his cousin.

There's nothing worse than a long-distance relationship.


All three of you chop wood every day, don't you?

He performed duty at last.

Why didn't you say goodbye?

The critical period in matrimony is breakfast time.

I told you I didn't want to go.

You and I both know what happened.

What do you usually eat with red wine?

Elasmosaurs generally have the look of oversized, shellless turtles with long necks.

Oskar turned out to be a really nice guy.


You can have any cake on the table.

A book came for you in the mail today.

You can't do it by yourself.


Identical twins have different fingerprints.

It can't be her.

God only knows where he has gone.

Stop that right now.

Guess what I want to do.


Lord and Phil went fishing together.


Where in all Japan is there a school that has 'advance at the crawl' in P.E.?!

In a solid rocket, the propellants are mixed together and packed into a solid cylinder. Under normal temperature conditions, the propellants do not burn; but they will burn when exposed to a source of heat provided by an igniter. Once the burning starts, it proceeds until all the propellant is exhausted.

Noise is the most serious problem for those who live around the airports.

This is a beaver dam.

You speak wonderfully. Would you like to hear yourself?


Brendan tried to find somebody else to do the job.


She helped her younger brother with his homework.

Your name's further down the list.

Hercules killed both serpents.

There are things that should not be known before twenty.

I really need it.


They can't swim.